This project is just one of several exciting new developments in midtown Sacramento. The six-level structure is located on the northeast corner of 21st Street and Capitol Avenue and includes not only 12,000 square feet of retail / office space and customer parking, but will also provide tenant parking for those who work at our office building at 2020 L Street. The need for this tenant parking arises from the demolition of an existing two-story parking garage on 2025 L to make way for the premiere of the  retail and residential project .

The retail, commercial and customer parking at 2101 Capitol will take up the first floor. The remaining five floors will provide parking for 2020 L Street tenants during business hours. Parking spaces in the structure would also be available for public use evenings and weekends. This new multi-use structure will be a valuable asset to the midtown community and an integral part of our midtown projects.


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